October 13, 2016

After no response from the Department of Health Ward 4 liaison I called DOH directly to ask about the standing water abatement notice posted on August 11, 2016. I was unable to find anyone in DOH who handles property abatement cases. I reached one unit where a very honest DOH employee shared this:

  • The unit who posted the abatement notice is likely from the Zika containment unit
  • That unit is mostly made up of seasonal contractors
  • Ms. Paige Lipscome, the investigator who posted the abatement notice appears to no longer work for DOH
  • The number for Ms. Lipscome, posted on the abatement notice, goes to another former employee’s voicemail.
  • Because the unit was closed for the season DOH likely will not come back to the property to enforce the abatement notice

While the abatement notice states “please abate the above notice(s) not later than 10 days from the Date of Service to avoid being assessed fines in the amount of $500 or more. Failure to abate the above violation(s) shall constitute a violation of the Act, with each day of the violation constituting a separate offense.






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