16 months later DCRA addresses excavated basement

Sometime in late December 2016 DCRA regraded the property to fill in the hole in the front  and rear of the house where the basement concrete slab was removed and floor lowered. Additionally, they removed, or reused, the excavated dirt from the rear of the year. The trash that was left in the rear has been removed. The rear wall that was demoed without a permit has now been boarded up.

While this similar abatement was done at 430 Shepherd, DCRA attempted to not enforce this abatement requirement here due to limited resources and it not posing an immediate harm to life. It is unclear why this happened as DCRA did not reach out to myself or neighbors to let them know this was being fixed.

While none of these are fixes to the actual problems with the house, nor enforcement of numerous violations or fines to the owner, they do provide some basic quality of life improvements for the neighbors. This will likely be the last work DCRA enforces on the house until the owner restarts renovations or until a new safety hazard emerges.




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