March Meeting – Additional next steps agreement

On March 2, 2017 Mr. Onyewuchi and Mr. Gabriel Sobande of Compass LLC met with the neighbors and ANC Commissioner as a follow up to their January 2017 due to agreements from the January meeting not being fulfilled.

Blueprints say the property will be 61’ 7” in length. Neighbors believe this is further back than the adjoining neighbor’s rear wall. Mr. Onyewuchi previously promised it wouldn’t be further so this needs to be checked.

One of the workers on the property was observed opening the DC Water access by the street and hitting the transmitter. DC Water will be contacted.

Rear foundation of the adjoining neighbor’s house has been exposed due to rear excavation at 414 Shepherd. Contractors promised that it would be fixed quickly and it has now been several weeks. At the meeting Mr. Gabriel Sobande called Pablo and they agree that it would be fixed quickly.

Workers told the adjoining neighbor that the underpinning on the house was done incorrectly and was being fixed. DCRA is expected to inspect the final underpinning the week of March 6-10. DCRA will evaluate if underpinning was done correctly.

Mr. Onyewuchi asked neighbors to call him if they don’t get answers they want from his workers.

Mr. Onyewuchi stated that it is his responsibility to ensure that any damage to neighboring houses caused by his work on the house must be repaired at his cost.

Mr. Onyewuchi stated that it is normal for projects to have stop work orders, that the duration of the house being vacant is normal, and that he is not harming neighbors nor the neighborhood. Mr. Onyewuchi is unhappy with the tone of Commissioner Goodman’s email to him requesting answers about his numerous violations.

Mr. Onyewuchi stated the house is expected to be finished by the end of April.


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